5 Home Functions You Can Control From Smartphone Devices

By on Nov 8, 2012 in Articles & Tips, Blog

With the advancement of today’s technology, now we can control everyday household tasks like turning off lights, opening our garage doors and setting our home security systems with a touch of a button. No, it’s not a magic remote control, like the one seen in “Click.” Your smartphone can control things with the touch of your screen.

What exactly can phones do, you ask? Here’s a list of 5 home functions you can control wirelessly from your smartphone by using home automation:

Garage Door

Wirelessly control your garage door with a Craftsman AssureLink Garage Door opener. Register your unit for around $20 and you’re able to open and close garage doors with your smartphone. But how does it work? The system communicates wirelessly with a network adapter that’s plugged into your home router. Apart from being able to remotely open and close the door, the system will let you know if you forgot to close it based on how long your door has been open.

Security System

Chose your weapon! There are hundreds of security apps on the market, depending on your preference. They range from a few hundred bucks to completely free, just based on how much you want to get accomplished. XFINITY Home Security allows you to access your security system at anytime. And what’s better? You can also control your thermostat with this application. You can also find a home security system at LifeShield.

Television/ Home DVR

There are a bunch of free apps allowing you to program your digital recorder from anywhere. If you’re at the store and it takes longer than you originally planned, no worries! Just pull out your phone and record your show on the spot. What’s better than being able to set up your recorder? Being able to control your Apple TV. The theory is you’re able to use your phone instead of the small, plastic remote that came with the television.


Setting up an app to control your thermostat will take less than an hour and is worth it because it will save you money in the long run. Controlling the temperature in your home is so easy and knowing the temperature when you’re not home will cut costs because you’ll be able to keep the temperature at a money saving temperature.


Do you have Indigo on your computer? If so, then you are able to download a home automation app for the server to adjust your home lighting from anywhere! You can dim the lights, turn them on or off, anything imaginable you can control. Have an aquarium tank with a light and need to turn it on? No problem! An app like this will run you about $5, but worth the price, right?


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