Crown Moulding – A Cost Effective Way to Update Your Home

By on Sep 18, 2012 in Articles & Tips

It can be hard to know where to start in regards to home improvement projects. Maybe you have just moved in to a new, modern home and are looking to give it some character or perhaps you want to freshen up an old home, whatever your needs interior mouldings can finish off your home to perfection. Crown moulding can add interest, character and uniqueness to any home but with so many features and styles available nowadays, how do you know where to start?

Interior moulding is a design element that has been used as a home renovation to add interest to interiors for centuries. Usually the device is used to accentuate the light against the depth of subtle shadows cast onto a vast expanse of surface as a way of creating the illusion of space and in some cases grandeur. However, when you are starting out with a blank canvas it can be hard to know where to start. If you are looking to start out small and experiment with subtle interior moulding then your best bet is to add skirting, dado rails, cornicing and door casing. These small additions can really make a difference to your home and make it look more finished and interesting.

Skirting and dado rails were originally devised as a way to protect the walls against furniture but now they are more commonly used for decorative reasons as well as other practical reasons. In a practical way skirting can act as a line defense against the vacuum cleaner and on a superficial level dado rails are an effective way of breaking up blocks of colour and wallpaper patterns.

As well as being useful on a design level, interior mouldings can provide protection to walls and entrances but it is important to understand how mouldings can work to your advantage in terms of how your home looks. If used effectively, crown moulding installation can make a feature out of a plain entrance or doorway and can give your home a feeling of elegance or can make it seem more streamlined. Coving or cornicing is ideal for hiding joins and cracks between the ceiling and wall, but on a design level it can also help to make large rooms seem less overwhelming and more intimate.

If you are looking to bring a bit of grandeur and character to your home then consider introducing ceiling roses and domes to your interior. These really do add elegance and class to your home and the best bit is that they needn’t cost the earth! You can take it as far as you like, you may want to stick to just one elegant dome or you can go the whole way and make an entire feature out of the ceiling.

Crown moulding is an especially popular form of interior moulding. The main idea is to disguise the dark crease between the wall and the ceiling surface by turning it into a feature. This design feature can take the form of whatever you want and will add instant character to any room. This method has actually been used since the time of the Greek and Romans as a way of improving home designs and adding interest to the home. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, materials and designs so you are sure to be able to find something to suit your home!

When choosing interior mouldings it is important to keep in-line with your home’s style and period as well as considering the overall balance of the room. You will not want large mouldings in a small room as it will look over the top but at the same time if you do have the luxury of space you can afford to go big as this will add to the grandeur of the room.