Interior Colors for the 2012-13 Winter Season

By on Nov 27, 2012 in Articles & Tips

interior paint colors 2013

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The 2012-13 winter interior color season is definitely not associated with staying in the same color family. Instead, the theme is predominantly focused on mixing things up with bold color opposites as well some formulas that are on the fringe for experimental types.

When it comes to mixing opposites, quite a few ideas take the calm and subdued colors and place them right next to or adjacent to some unusual color elements. All of these mixes are intended to give an impression of attitude and moxy rather than conformity. All of that said, neutrals are still being used as moderating elements that finish the mixture and provide visual bridges between two extreme colors used. In many cases the neutrals are still using old standbys in the form of flat, chalk white and linen shades with plain black for bordering.

Browns, are traditional colors frequently seen in the Fall and harvest celebrations and commonly used to balance other colors being used. Whether it’s a brown influence farther along the red range or darker version, browns continue to appear this year in a number of ways being used as anchors for less predictable shades.

Long seen as a formal color commonly used for formal settings, especially when used with white, blues are now coming into vogue with trims as well as subdued versions on lighter, holiday linen colors.

Greens are falling by the wayside so far in 2012. Too often associated with Christmas, the shades are considered boring and stale. They simply don’t evoke the warmth people are looking for this year for interior colors. Where greens do appear they are in the form of traditional hunter green or darker with formal furniture.

Yellow colors offer harvest-time tints and accents, but they are traditionally not used in winter except in the form of gold at Christmas time or Thanksgiving. These are a bit of wild spin showing up this winter. That being said, many of the yellows used are of a gold hue. Orange works along the same lines but represents a far more comfortable atmosphere when going into winter, especially given the fact the color is used so often at Halloween and Thanksgiving time.

Reds will always be a standby in the winter for interior colors, and 2012-13 winter is no different. Red is often used as an accent rather than base or prime color. This year it is appearing in hot firey tones, tomato shades and even burnt brown. Going even darker, an interior can roll into warm, rich purples all the way to a coffee brown.

In terms of mixes, greys of all colors are being matched with orange colors while pastels are being used as a base color with rich reds as the accent or border color. Further, many dark colors with shine are being staged opposite reds, greens and yellows. One of the oddest mixes appearing is a pale orange shade with deep rust and cool blue.

Happy Painting This Year!