Remodeling Tips for Energy Efficiency – Home Remodeling Fresno, CA

By on Dec 11, 2012 in Articles & Tips

When homeowner decide it is time to begin an eco-upgrade by remodeling their home, they must first ask themselves three simple questions-

1. When do I start?
2. What do I need?
3. Why am I doing this?

Most homeowners in Fresno know the answer to questions one and two, though many can’t quite answer the third. If you can, and your answer is energy-efficiency, then you are in good company, as more than 40% of homeowners who remodel are striving for a green home.

When the economy nearly burst at the seams nearly than four years ago, low interest rates inspired homeowners to refinance their home, and then using the proceeds to environmentally beautify their homes by reducing energy and water bills while doing their part to decrease pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. One of the most important first steps to take a look at updated kitchen remodeling, which includes all Energy Star appliances, including heating and air conditioning systems, a decision which could save up to 20% in overall energy costs.

During remodeling, the most cost-efficient and energy-saving investments a homeowner could act upon include replacing glass doors and older windows, re-insulating and weather-stripping the entire house, including the attic of an older home, which could reach a temperature of nearly 115-degrees in the summer months.

There are also many organic tips which homeowners and consumers can follow in order to get the most energy-efficient bang-for-their-buck. For instance, using the bright colors to enhance your space will help you considerably cut back on light, contacting your energy supplier for an energy audit could help you pinpoint problematic areas to get you going on the right track towards energy efficiency. Installing low-flow faucets and shower heads can save the homeowner roughly 50% on their monthly water and power bills, and switching to low-flow toilets have saved Americans nearly two trillion gallons of water. Remembering the a leaky faucet can waste up to 10 gallons of water a day, so don’t neglect on repairing leaky fixtures.

Another good rule is to run the ceiling fans in the winter. Yes, you heard right, the WINTER! Switching directions on your ceilings fans (counter-clockwise instead of clockwise) will push the rising warm air down, circulating the heat better throughout the room, and also the entire house. The energy cost of running the ceiling fan will be lower when factoring in the cost of the heat which can often slip out through our ceiling and escaping the home. Keep it warm by keeping it in!

For maximum energy-efficiency with remodels, choose carpeting materials that are made from all-natural fibers such as untreated wool and cotton, which are free of toxins. When using woods, choose the wood for flooring that is from a renewable resource such as bamboo, which is one of the fastest and most energy-effective woods on the planet.

Of course, no energy-efficient green home would complete without the change in human habits and behavior. Consumers should do their best to choose products and packing that is recyclable and biodegradable. One of the best parts about going green in your newly remodeled home will surely be the vegetable and herb garden, which will not only provide fresh, organic foods for your family, it will also bring you all closer as unit, working together to make a difference in what we eat and how we live.


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